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I'm a big fan of Reading, Animales, Music, Drawing, Skatebording, Playing my Guitar, Walking, Video Games
I wanna Help people Who Need Help....I Want to Show people That someone cares and show them they can get threw what there going thru....I've been thru hell but i fought it and here i am now stronger then ever....we all need love and we need 2 help those who need
Music: Green Day, Fun, Amy Can Flyy, 3 Day Grace, Panic At the Disco, Mcfly
Movies: Horror
About Me: My Name is Aiden, I'm 16, I'm Bi and Single, I'm a nice dude once you get 2 know me, I like 2 Chat and I love 2 make Friends, I Can be Random at times, If You wanna Know More Just Add and Ask

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