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I'm a big fan of Animes music B2st!(junhyung & GiKwang) BigBang(T.O.P <3 ) THE GAZETTE(reita-kun) Bruno Mars (Peter Gene Hernandez) Ryanimay Conferido (Quest Crew) 2ne1 (Minzy & CL)
I wanna i wanna buy all Full Metal Alchemst's manga!!!!! (my favourite anime) i wanna go to a Bruno Mars' ,B2ST and BigBang LIVE concerts!
Music: ROCK and K-pop!!!! I love The gazette,B2st,BigBang,Shinee,2ne1, 30 seconds to mars, evanescense,antic cafe, 3 days grace,apocalyptica,green day,linkin park,pink......etch but i also listen to Bruno Mars' song :)
Movies: G.I.Joe I kissed a vampire vampire suck el greco Dead Or Alive Ninja Assassin The Smurfs Captain America Zoonlander etc...
About Me: I'm a rock-Kpop girl,i love animes,dress up emo-punk-goth girls,music ,my friends and Bruno Mars! >w<

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