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I'm a big fan of Supernatural, Sherlock bbc, drawing, Music, skateboarding, meeting new people, the moon, lemonade, flowers, 60s & 70s, flower crowns, band tees, VW's, studs (as in clothing!), black and white, gore/horror, poetry, tumblr, red lipstick, poetry,
I wanna not even sure yet, maybe graphic design, maybe film special effects, maybe become a pokemon master who knows.
Music: where to start...Led Zeppelin,The Doors,Sublime,King Krule,No Doubt,Temples,The Black Keys,The Clash,Arctic Monkeys,The Ramones, The Kills,Misfits,Red Hot Chili Peppers,Skaters,The Last Shadow Puppets & many more
Movies: **(PART OF MY ABOUT ME)** Music is basically my life. I'm a modern day hippie, but also a punk rock chick. I'm genderqueer, she/her pronouns (or even they/them) please. I like to call people
About Me: 'love' 'hun' and 'babe,' just so you know. I'm pansexual, but not attracted to everyone! I'm 17 and pretty chill *lame*. Go ahead and talk to me, I love meeting new people so, intrigue me. Bye loves ♡

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