DaBestBitch from Choo Choo! Aboard The Hot Mess Express! Channtelle's Lifee- Party.Sleep.Eat.
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I'm a big fan of Cocaineee.Piercings.Partiess.Boyss.Kissess.Dimpless.Beaniess.Bellybuttonns.Beer.Skateboardss.Video Games.Dancingg.Bracess.Skinny Jeanss.
I wanna Roll A Blunt With Youuuu! Fulfill My Modeling Dream. Fall in loveeee.
About Me: The name is Chantelle. I go by Channy. Smoke 'til You choke. Livin' life brokee! Message me. Good Grammar, yes please! Don't give me shit, be real. Don't bullshit a bullshitterrr, Ya Hurrrd? Mmmkay Thanks. Chantelle Wuvss youuuu!<3
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