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I'm a big fan of Anime, Attack on Titan, Vocaloid, Hetalia, Fall Out Boy, Pierce the Veil, Invader Zim, Three Days Grace, Panic! At the Disco, Blood on the dance floor, Supernatural, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Doctor Who, Black Butler, Five nights at Freddy's.
I wanna Make new friends, meet Fall Out Boy.
Music: Fall Out Boy, Pierce the Veil, Panic! At the Disco, Blood on the Dance floor, Lorde, Vocaloid, Black Veil Brides (sometimes...) Falling in Reverse, Sleeping with Sirens, Suicide Silence, more, Evanescence
Movies: Hetalia: Paint it White! Harry Potter Series, Percy Jackson, The Maze Runner,
About Me: I'm just a person, making videos, trying to find better friends. Message me if you need help. I'm here for you. ᵋ₍⚬ɷ⚬₎ᵌ xxx [Five Nights at Freddy's Ship: Foxy x Mangle ♥] [Phone Guy x Purple Guy ♥]

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