GODSTER from fuk da location...its all bout' your personality...
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I'm a big fan of SURENOS wich im one already,lil'rob,and most of all JESUS!also of....gangsters hit me up if u a gangster!oh n dont mess witz me b.i.t.c.h.e.z dataint got game likeme.
I wanna fuk all deze bitchez n hoez up on here dat aint got respect for surenos & all my homiez dat u see down dere!so mess wit me ull end on da grownd 'BITCHEZ'!!!N I ALSO WANA B IN HEAVEN WIT MI SAVIOUR 'jesus'
Music: OLDIEZZZ...4 life; lil-rob sur13 yaeh e.s.a
About Me: im single,silly,short,mexican, and im also a sexy latina and,nice, n i love sorenos"oh n ima RAIDERS(oakland)FaN!...oh n ima' GANSTER!!!p.s: i might be 5'ft'2 but i kno how to beat some ASS so dont mess with a SURENA-GANGSTER
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