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I'm a big fan of Cuffinqq Picturess<3..,Boys<3..,Victoria's Secret.., Jordanss...,#Swaqq#Swaqq#Swaqqq 200%...,Beinqq Immature[Its Funn !]...,Dancinqq...,Sinqinq Evenn Thoou I Sound Horrible...,Coverses...,Tyler Peery<3..., Me,Myself,&I...,Gavin Degraw<<<<333...,Adele
I wanna Uhh Tell Youu That Themm Candlees Are Gettinqq Blown Out April 3rdd=] Also, Im Chill & Weirdd x10 ....If Youu CanT Handle That Thenn Just Delete Mee And Dont Acknowledge Me Pleasee=P
Music: All
Movies: Horror; Romantic; Comedy Orr A Mixturee Of All 3<3 Dont Bee Afraid Tahh Messaqe Mee:-) iDont Bitee Unless You Take My Chocolate Chip Cookies<3
About Me: Thee Namee Iss Brittany ! iM Inlove Withh Rihanna((Miee Roll Modle)) Really Not A Fan Or The Colorr Purple[Not The Movie].. Frank Ocean-Thinking About Youu<3 Askk Thee Aqee,- Straiqht ! ,Problemm Muchh?

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