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I'm a big fan of beagin myself im powerfull if someone goes HEY YOUR A FATY i will say stop it i now how u feel u got bulied to but dont buly someone else be tuff so keep it to your self .And walk away.if they dont stop tell someone like i did it changed my life.
I wanna be a soccer player and a DJ be asome cool my wishes came true i em jk but i em#hehe#lol#instagrame is asome#lolololololol#
Music: SKRILLEX,bagerange,first of the year,cinama,weekends,in for the kill,kill everybody,nice spirets and scary mosters,CHKRISSTENE PERRIE,a thousend years,demi loveoto,heart a break,skyscrapper.
Movies: the croodes,oz the grat and powerfull,men in black 1~3,parintell guddines,findding nemo,the amazing spiderman,dispictabele me,nomeo and juliet,all of the movies of twilight,SHOWS,spongbob,rageler show,the amazing world of gumball,bates motall,vampier dier
About Me: my name is vannisa and im 6 years old i like beain my self i havent been on her eny more cuz i had a sezer and ya and im a cutie pie im the BOSS at BLACK OPS ZOMBEIS,im fun to hang out whith,cra~cra,smart ,and loveabel,i love teddy bares ,i love spongbob,

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