JoshGoesRAWR from A place called Hell;) Yikees!! Pic- Ayfter wrestling practice!
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I'm a big fan of Sexy girls,my sister,Music,Bisexuals,Chill people,Food,Tv,Family Feud,Jennifer Aniston,Movies,Popcorn,Money,
I wanna Cuddle with kitties MEOW,Cuddle with a cute girl DUH!!, make money, buy a new PlayStation,kill zombies,be called handsome,buy me some green tea
Music: They expect me to fill this whole thing out!
Movies: Once again..refer to music section
About Me: Well hello there beautiful;o ! I'm just a chill guy that is looking for Friends. BEWARE- I'm a loner and may sometimes make our conversations very uncomfortable;) Gotta love it- Green tea and S.E.X is my ego:Josh$$
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