KatieBird from Mwahaha^-^ yah idk. ahahaha photocaption:lol strange one.
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I'm a big fan of Training, stripes, belts, shoes, the ocean, music, quotes, secretly crushing on someone who's secretly crushing on you and neither of you have a clue, i hate when people say they love */bi people..cuz they don't know ALL */bi people.
I wanna Be happy, fall in love with somebody who actually loves me and only me....hmm isn't that kinda hard to ask for????:O You know how some ppl are great with little kids? Ya, I suck with 'em
Music: Done with you all's bullshit!<3 love you amazing people but not you idiots-_- why do people fall in love
Movies: Legend of the Falls, Chronicles of Narnia, Horton hears a who! People I love-Z(miss you) Michael, Luke, Marco, Halee(PAH) Gabee, Sage, Julie, Trey,Rachel, Daryl(fierce bitch)
About Me: I'm Katie. Stupid, weird, freak, tired, I'm ok. Not in the mood for your childish games er bullshit so just stop it!! I'm single......I....I just don't know...

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