KayChaos7 from yhu wanna know where i live? under your house!!! ~creepy huh~ well believe it!!! yhu wont see me but im there!!!!
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I'm a big fan of Sammidoll and ash and da bestest bf in da world tousean also K-dramas and anime's like bleach,full metal alchemist,vampire knight,ouran high school host club and samuri 7. chillin wit some bros and chicks (ha im the only chick who calls girls chicks)
I wanna be in a band and if that doesnt work go into the air force (huge transitions) =P my bands name will be blasphemy
Music: rock kpop death metal and a lil rap. i like blood on the dance floor,versaemerge,a sky lite drive,a day to remember,under oath,the devil wears prada,from first to last,escape the fate(new and old),alesana,bless the fall,and scary kid scaring kids.
Movies: comedy and horror
About Me: awkward,creepy at times,and always a lil intimidated!!! if yhu make aloud sound a will jump so......... thats meh btw im taken 12-13-12

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