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I'm a big fan of Ahem...Kingdom Hearts,Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories,Kingdom Hearts II,Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days,Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep,Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded,Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance.
I wanna Be in Kingdom Hearts. :P Get a 3DS so I can play Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance!!
Music: Sanctuary/Passion,Simple and Clean.
Movies: Kingdom Hearts Videogame Cutscences.
About Me: Hi Stranger! Some of you might know me as Pucca12341~! I ♥ Kingdom Hearts. I surpass being an KH Luver,I'm an KH FREAK! I'm a Hyper,Fun Loving,Shyish/Quietish,Tomboyish Gurl. "Got it memorized?"

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