LillJaaazzzy from Joey Mi Stripper haha lol I Looooove Joey <3333 Back Off Bitch He
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I'm a big fan of My jaazzies my mutha fucking freinds bitchezz going to the clubs haha !!! Mood: paaartying oh yeaaa status: i can see you flirting with him slut hahaha no!! Stop leave him alone .-.
I wanna Paarrty......:D going shopping @ forever 21 hell yeaaa @ the Valley Plaza for some Snap Backs oh * yeaaa im a gangster hahaha i think haha ;)
Music: Single & I Need SomeOne Too Give Mee A Beso ^o^ A (Kiss ^o^) For You Guys Out There That Dont Know Spanish So Sad :( Yaaaay Everything Truned Out Like Out Like I wanted My Vals Was Good And My Surprise Dance !!! :)
Movies: Scary ;O , romantic <333333 , funny :D
About Me: Heeeeey there my niggas hahaha the name is dulce victoria bitchezz dulce means candy so u guys can call me candy :p mmmm yummy jk......dulce hahaha anyways im craaazzy hell yeaaa getting high going to clubs im craaazzyHoE's cousin soo add me plzzz

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