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I'm a big fan of ♥Green Day♥ Takida♥ Avril Lavigne♥ Johnny Depp ♥ heath ledger R.I.P ♥
I wanna Be happy, I Wanna travel around the world for adventures and have fun. And to see new things in the world :D:D <33
Music: I like all kinds of music so there is no particular genre. I listen to everything. Band that i particularly like is:♥ Green day♥♥ Takida♥ ♥Linkin park♥ and♥ Avril lavigne♥ Etc.
Movies: I have many favorite movies♥ I like Horror, Romance, action and comedy :) ♥ etc.
About Me: I like to be whit my best friends, and reading, my favorite book is: ♥Vampire academy♥ its the best book ever!!! you must read it! i like Manga, and go on adventures :D:D ♥ I would love to be friends and i want to have many!! add me!! :D:D
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