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I'm a big fan of Anime, Candy, Hello Kitty, Comics, Cosplay, Comic Cons, Halloween, Domo, The Reguler Show, Dinosaurs, Emo's, Punk's And Goth's, Hot Topic, Spencers, Summer Time And Fall, Cupcakes And Cookies, Slushes, Zelda, Mario And Kerby
I wanna Swim With Nemo
Music: Blood On The Dance Floor, BVB, A7X, Slipknot, Escape The Fate
Movies: Finding Nemo, The Dark Knight, One Missed Call <3, Meet The Spartins, Epic Movie,
About Me: Hi I'm Katy :), I'm 17 :D, I'm A Real Sweet Girl, I Am Really Random And Insane :D, I love To Dance To (Gangnam Style) Lol, I'm Bi So (* And *) ;), Add Me I'm Fun To Talk To, Peace Out :D, Ps, I'm A Monster So Grrrrr!!!!
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