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I'm a big fan of Mallory<3 Don't mess with her because I will personally * you up. Music, of course. Been singing since I was a kid(: Oh, and correct grammar. I'm a huge Grammar Nazi. Some of you people sound incompetent as hell, and I mean that in a nice way xD
I wanna Be so much more than what I am now...
Music: R&B, Hip Hop, Rap, Pop, Techno, Trance, Electronica, Rock, Screamo, Classical, Musical Theater. SOTM: Stay High by Tove Lo :D
Movies: Pacific Rim. That movie made me cry 5 times. But it STILL had major ass-kicking scenes :D
About Me: Hello! My name's Rena. So, there's not really much to say about me... Just that I try my best to get along with everyone(: i've been told that i'm likeable, considerate, funny, and full of surprises. So try to get to know me. Maybe it'll change your life.

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