SeXiPaCo from Status: Siinnggle c: Some Spanish Girls like Me Like Im Anventura <33 Uugh Rolando Doesnt Want To Give Me My Shoe Fucking Pendejo >.<
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I'm a big fan of If You Love SomBody Let them Go. If It Comes Back Its Your's ForEver. If It Never Does It Was Never Meant To Bee <33333 & add my friend isabella she's really sweet and nice :)
I wanna She Asked Me If She Was Pretty I said No. She Asked Me If She Was Fat I Said Yees Of Course.She Asked Me If I wanted To Be With Her The Rest Of My Life I said No.She Asked Me If i would cry If She Walked away i said no.She said i Had heard too much and ne
Music: Leave As she walked away i grabbed her hand & said ur not pretty ur beautiful. The only thing fat about you is your heart. & i dont want to bee with you Forever i need to be with you Forever . And Babbie i would'nt cry if You Walked Away I Would DIE !! <3
Movies: I Wanna Be The One That Makes You Hahppie C;
About Me: Eeeyyye My Name Is Paco I Looove Donuts And Unicorns They Are Sexi I Loove having A good Time And Meeting New People Add Me Plzz :)

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