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I'm a big fan of UrBoyNico (In-Real-Life-Bestie), 123Chloe456 (In-RealLifeBestie), CourtneyDgaf (In-Real-Life-Bestie), Jake, Nicolee (Bitch I Love Yew!), & More :P
I wanna Be Loved For Myself <3 , Get Hiiiiiiigh With The Bitches ;)
Music: BVB, Eminem, Boys Like Girls, Avril Lavign, Bruno Mars, Tech N9ne, & Hopsin <3
Movies: Uyyyy Movies <3 ^-^
About Me: Im Bi & IDGAF What You People Think Of Me <3 I Love Music And Socializing, Single Though ! My Name Is Cameron & I Miss My Ex Tbhh Yo .-. Love You Emily <3

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