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I'm a big fan of Naruto, animie, Oran high school host club, adventure time, Regular show, Phines and Freb,
I wanna be a famous singer and dancer, travel the world, fly, be a ninja,
Music: titanium,follow me down,love the way you lie,cannibal,run devil run,put it down, Judas, meet me halfway, rockteer, ranbara, just dance, paparazzi, i'am coming home, carousal of agony, her, lost in the echo, payphone, what makes you beautiful. single lady'
Movies: up. MIB, tangled,
About Me: I am the middle child of 5, I like to sing and dance with my sisters and brother ( 2 little sisters 1 big sister and 1 big brother), we all sometimes watch movies together, I can sing and dance pretty good, I like laughing making friends, talking,playing,

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