Souleater from Death City because that's where soul eater and maka Albarn lives
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I'm a big fan of Soul eater cause I love the drama and stuff that happen by best friend is death the kid my favorite character
I wanna Be like maka she a miester in the show with her favorite partner / best friend " SOUL EATER the name of the show
Music: My favorite music is any kind of death music I love death is not that I want to die but I like it its not that i lkie death but the look of it is scary
Movies: Any kind of movie that is about death like the hunger games catching fire soul eater black butler NARUTO
About Me: I love animated my best friend is fabiola she has a profile too and some other friends........i love watching the show soul eater....and i <3 black butler ......NARUTO!!!!!!!!! MEN I LOVE THAT SHOW........

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