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I'm a big fan of uhhm... EYELINER! Hair dye, BeStFrIeNdS, Skinny jeans, band tees, HOTTOPIC!, boys. <3 I'm a fan of youuu <3 :D JOHNNY DEPP *-* Falling in lovee <3
I wanna Be your booty callll. XD
Music: The Fray, MCR, Taylor Swift, Green Day, BrokenCYDE,Black Veil Brides((Andy Sixx <3)) && More that I can't think of right now. ^_^
Movies: Twilight. Alice in Wonderland. Sweeny Todd <3.
About Me: Well, I'm a girl. Some people say I'm 'emo' or 'scene', and I can't say I don't agree with them. I'm crazy, I'm weird, I'm me. I'm single, mhmhm . I don't look like I used to in those pictures Down thurrr . My hair is now shorter , and brown-ish .
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