alliedgaf from your so lucky your so pretty cuase if not ..youd be fucked.
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I'm a big fan of GABBY wifey<33,Skateboarding,dancing in the moonlightc;feeeshy's,BUNNIE'S!,,monster's,SUPER MARIO!!!,Chocolate syrup,SKITTLE'S,JOHNNY KNOXVILE
I wanna Do some crazy ass shit with ya C;
Music: Rob Zombie,Marlin manson,MCR,AFI,BOTDF,BVB,in this moment,we the kings,ETC...
Movies: Hannah montana movie ..all the way !C; And of course Spiderman ^.^
About Me: Hey there..Alexandria call meh Allie 18 uh BISEXUAL uh dont like it ? Idgaf (: um i am crazy bitchty loveable wierd !! Um single awesome add me you will love me !! Maybe idk add meh !

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