chikalinda from (Raver emo$)I luv yeah girl Xxxxlovelygirl01 my sis&bff XxxxcecejonesxxxxxSong of the day beez in the trap by nicki minaj @dd thepretyemo is me(*
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I'm a big fan of TRIBAL..! (X LMFAO&3OH!3&Lovelygirl01NXxx Emocupcakxxx 2XD
I wanna have a lot of friends to chill &i want to meet Soulgia Boy!!!!!!!!!!!! n also prince roy, , N i wana have emo N punk&scene ppl as friendsz!!!!
Music: i <3 ----> teayang^+^ like TRIBAL MIX 2012...! ,
Movies: I love scary movies... like The Grude, THe Ring, Bones,scream 4,alice and the murderland paranormal activity 1,2. Ice Age,G force,vampire effect, N John cena movie damm sooo awesome moviie the KarAte KiD...sucker punk,Jacob team!!!!!
About Me: I am scene n emo ,funny,pretty,cute,fun,friendly, n godd listening to my friends!! I Rawr everything abt tribal dance...N i am addictive to my ipod&radio&cellphone&iphone&computer$hotboys...

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