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I'm a big fan of Justin Bieber
I wanna be a gymnast and a Rockette and if i don't become one of those i would be a pedeatrition.
Music: song writters: Justin biebz duh, selena g., ke$ha, Katy perry, taylor swift, usher, pitbull ect SONGZ: all jb songs ! most selena songs a lot of ke$ha some taylor swift some pitbull ushers good 2!
Movies: twilight series, never say never!
About Me: im a gymnast , dancer, runner, swimmer, soccer player, and a lover of sports! I am a huge bieleber and i love selena gomez too! And i have tons of bffs!!!!!!!! =-) lastly <3 MUSIC! ************* ADD ME AS A FREND I ADD U BACK:D*******************

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