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I'm a big fan of Katy Perry, Victoria Jusice,1D,Taylor swift, and i love parodys.
I wanna be a singer,songwriter,teacher, fashion designer, actress. I would love to see anyone on the top section . And want to publish an origanal parody!
Music: All kinds. I love anything Victorias including 'Tell Me That You Love Me' in the ping pong episode. i also like Cher Loyd's 'I Want You Back', Anything Katy Perry related( :( i did not see the movie) and i Hate(!!!!!!!) Justin Beiber!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Movies: Harry Potter. Smurfs. Tangled.
About Me: I like purple, cheetahs, music, and my sister is doubledipper313 ! And i love parodys!
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