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I'm a big fan of God!! :D GLEE!!!!!!!!!, ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Harry Potter!!! Twilight! HUGE fan Of FAIRY TAIL!!! (luv that manga!),Naruto,Bleach (lots more too!!! :D)
I wanna Be a singer. Go to New York for college, meet all of One Direction, become best friends with them :)
Music: ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!! Music from Twilight!! Harry Potter music!!!! (Hedwig's theme!) GLEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!,Taylor Swift,3OH!3,Lady Gaga,Beyonce,Evanescence, (And many, many, many others)
Movies: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn-recently came re-obsessed. RENT!!!!!!!!,Zombieland,HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!,National Treasure,Sherlock Holmes,Toy Story, Phantom of the Opera, Genres-Action,Romance,Comedy,Drama
About Me: I love God more than anything!!!! :D I wanna be a singer and meet One Direction :) And of course become best friends with them all :) Especially Harry <3

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