iHEARTdahvie from Destiny Islands. (Can someone explain math? WHEN am I going to use HALF the things these people teach me?!
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I'm a big fan of Kingdom Hearts :D I loovee Kingdom Hearts. I like anime, manga, drawing, reading, writing, socializing, being myself, the internet:D, emoticons, deviantART, Cher Lloyd, and other Epic Epic Things O:
I wanna Meet Riku from KH!! That boy is the cat's pajamas. I wanna learn how to make Mac&cheese, how to PAINT MY FRIKKIN NAILS WITHOUT PAINTING THE REST OF MY BODY, sing to a random person, rise above all, be myself, be awesome.. you get the picture.
Music: Cher Lloyd, HeisWe, Pixie Lott, NeverShoutNever, Matt&Kim, Marron 5, KH Soundtracks, OneRepublic, Skrillex, Florence&TheMachine, Ratatat, Jojo, Afarax Deep.. Etc. o.o"
Movies: (--Comedy--) ^-^ That's it. Lol. Horror stuff is pretty cool too.. But I usually can't sleep after watching those xD
About Me: Basically: I'm the girl with only 2 friends, she can be funny and super stupid, she's a geek, she loves to draw, and she's super opinionated. I'm not the prettiest, but my personality makes up for it.:) Call me a narcissist , i'll call you a dumbass:D
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