lostvampire from the CEMETARY in Santa Rosa!!!!(Look me up at photobucket.)
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I'm a big fan of manga,goth,invader zim(I have the entire series!!!),books,black,bats,vampires!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wanna go to every Gothic club there is,continue drawing manga(Japanese art),be on TV at one point or another,and meet other vampires.
Music: Linkin Park,2ne1,Big Bang,Niki Manaj,Adam Lambert :D,LL Cool J,Evanescence, and other rap and rock singer,Nightcore,Anna Blue,Damion,Hollywood Undead,Black Viel Brides,Owl City,Homestuck,Disturbed,Drowning Pool, And others.<3
Movies: Alice in Wonderland,the Nightmare Before Christmas,Chucky,Inyuasha,Pirates of the Caribbean,Corpse Bride,Crybaby,Edward Scissor Hands,Fruits Basket,and other movies ;D
About Me: My name is Alyssa but I prefer Bat.Look me up on photobucket.I'm broken_love99.<3 I have a different outlook on life.I'm gothemo and proud bitches!!!Looking for a nice emo bf dude.Add me<3

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