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I'm a big fan of me,my,self,and,I &my famila,,ya s0 i love all my BeStEiEs !!!!!BuT i'm a big fan of the 5 grade!!!!!and ever-body that loves me is and angel sent from heven!!!!<3 thanks to all
I wanna be f.a.m.o.u.s s0 i could make a movie is los angelas!!!&i'm bringing my family with me and give them some money$$$$ buy them a nice car and house and lots of clothes hahahahaha!!!!
Music: AlOt bUT nOt COnTrY,aNd rOcK!!!
Movies: the clown ,the will,the,crazies ,the extrises,my bloody valintine,1 mist call night-mare-on-elm-street ,scream,halaween,step-up scool-gurls ,twligt,mean-girlsboyz-in-da-h00d,!!!!!!
About Me: iM sInGlE!!HEyY,iF YhHu dOn't nO mE ThEn LeT Me tELL YhHu My,nAmE Is saBrInA BuT cAlL ME SiPpY...AnD I LoVe mY FamIlY.aNdMy bEsTiEs weLl ThAt's aLl DusSeZzZzZz aNd i'm AlWaY'S oN yUr MInD 24]7$$$$

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