skittles4ever from some where over the rainbow lol
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I'm a big fan of one direction (Harry Rocks!), Demi Lavoto, Katy Perry (love her new song Roar), Kelly Clarkson (her song people like us rocks!) Doctor who! ( 11th doctor fav.) and Victoria justce's song best friend's brother is awesome if you don't know it listen to it
I wanna be a great artist and be real popular on AzDressup (crosses fingers)
Music: pop, but I am not too fond of rap
Movies: comedies, action, horror, stuff like that...
About Me: I am 13 and I am a brunette. I am known as a dork and of course, I wear glasses. I love to draw, it is a little more than a hobby. favorite quote: "I would rather be hated for what I am, than to be loved for what I'm not"

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