suicidegirlcutme from orange county
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Member since Nov 14, 2012
I'm a big fan of poetry, music, books, anime,manga and cosplays
I wanna Be published in writing my own poetry and/or books
Music: "Ignorance" By Paramore "Decode" By Paramore "Prisoner" Jeffrey Star "Lollipop Luxury" Jeffree star "Losts one's weeping" Kagamine Rin "Only exception" Paramore "Thats what you get" Paramore "Here I stand" Madina Lake "Misery Bussiness" Paramore
Movies: Don't really watch much movies, I mostly read
About Me: My name is Megan, i have a severe case of depression, and im very bipolar, i tried to kill myself various times, my parents are divorced and well i, very antisocial, I dont have ,any friends, and im very groom, I spend my free time drawing, reading or

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