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I'm a big fan of Robert Pattinson, Jennifer Lawrence, Florence & the machine, Grace Potter & the nocturnels, Dr. Who, anime, Black Butler, homestuck, AdventureTime, Regular Show, Old cartoons, sparkles, gummybears, neonziz, luv, fun, my chemical romance, hollywood undead
I wanna be famous, and learn how to be a bird! O.O
Music: alternative rock, emo, classic rock, scremo, pop, bubble goth, goth, new age rock, soft rock, heavy metal
Movies: Twilight, Hunger Games, Titanic, all Tim Burton, all James Cameron, Rocky horror picture show, 80's movies, horror movies (especially Poltergeist)
About Me: i love shopping, old movies, shoes, cartoons, cupcakes, sparkles, if you have an issue with me you can take it up with my two best friends, Right fist, and Left fist, they make the best knuckle sandwiches ever! I hate posers, love my chemical romance, yes
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