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I'm a big fan of Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, emoticons, smoothies (of course), Instagram, Wanelo, nerdy guys, Converse, Toms, Vans, STID, anime, Homestuck, David Tennant, and my friends in real life and on screen!
I wanna write my book, meet Benedict Cumberbatch, act in a big play, write a big play, go to London/Tokyo, go on the Voice, drink a watermelon smoothie, meet Martin Freeman, meet Regina Spektor, take a shopping day, meet David Tennant, and do an anime voice-over.
Music: I love the eccentric touch in music along with the Top 40 music. Currently, I love "Cosmic Love" by Florence + the Machine as my favorite song. Regina Spektor, the Fray, the Script, Train, Ariana Grande, the Sherlock sountrack (haha, I know), LOTR music.
Movies: Oh my gosh the last movie I say was Star Trek: Into Darkness. Khan was my favorite (guess why), but I think everyone else did masterfully too. I like Sherlock but it's not a movie. I like pretty much all cinema, to be honest. Mean Girls is fetch.
About Me: I’m a brunette nerd with brown eyes, glasses, and long hair. I like to quote BBC shows like Doctor Who and Sherlock. I’m starting Supernatural (I hear it’s funny). Fashion design, writing, acting, and photography are my favorite things to do.
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