xXVampireXCookiesXx from Indiana :b it suuuuuuuuucks the witches nipple juice
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I'm a big fan of Almost everything I looooooooooooooove Music soooooooo MUCH O.O ummmmmmmm teh Joker and Harley Quinn :3 I looooooooooove Batman sooooooooo much :D lol sorry that I'm super weird :b
I wanna Dooooooooooo STUFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF with muh lifeeeeeeeeeeeee :3 And have a pet raccoon! ^.^ they're so CUTE!!!! lol
Music: Just about anything really lol, Suicide Silence, Marilyn Manson, Nirvana, The Misfits,The Dead Kennedys, Panic! At the disco, BOTDF, Rammstein, Alice In Chains, Cookiebreed, we butter the bread with butter, Avenged Sevenfold(a7x)
Movies: The Crow, Reservoir Dogs, The Princess Bride, Beauty and the beast :3 The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and A Clockwork Orange and I'm too lazy to keep going lol sooooooooo Ima do that later..
About Me: Meooooow I go to concerts ALL the time I'm 16 and I guess happy to be single... I LOOOOOOOVE KURT COBAIN!!!!!! and Marilyn Manson will be miiiiiiiiiiiiine >:3 I wish I could have Mitch Lucker, but alas... And I LOVED The Rev

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